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“After my 2-year-old son had a life-changing brain injury I found it was very hard to find a therapist who would be tough and gentle to him at the same time. Ildi was the only one who would make him do things nobody thought was possible, from the basic sitting independently, to more fine motor skills (like picking up blocks and toys) - Ildi was the only one motivating Jack enough to do it. She always came up with new and engaging ways of playing that my son wasn't even realising it was a physiotherapy session and I was always going home with new fun ideas of engaging Jack.


Somehow I think without Ildi`s help I would have a total wheelchair-bound child who relies on you for everything and couldn't even hold his head independently, instead of a stubborn little boy who LOVES going for a walk (even so it's a buddy walk), enjoys patting our dog and playing with light switches wherever he can reach. We still have a long road ahead of us but Jack can already sit independently and sit up with minimal help, stand up and stand with just one hand-holding. Thank you Ildi for all your help."


“I am writing this recommendation regarding the great benefit my son received from exposure to Ildi, through conductive education. Ildi worked with my son from the age of 2, up until he started school at age 6. My son has high complex Cerebral Palsy and is classified as very high needs.


Through this early stage of my son's life Ildi was a rare ray of sunshine, offering some hope of doing the absolute best for my child. As I look back, I cannot understate the positive effect working with ildi had not only on my son, but on me and our family.


The traditional medical approach offers little beyond adapting life to accommodate the physical limits, whereas Ildi offered an active path to be sure I was doing absolutely everything possible to give my son the best possible quality of life. The systematic, structured, and professional approach Ildi brough was comforting during a very difficult time for us.


I cannot recommend Ildi enough for those who find they are in a similar situation, it is important that I know I have done everything I possibly could for my son in those early, important years, and working with Ildi for that time means I undoubtedly know this is true.”


“We had the extremely good fortune to ‘find’ Ildi, whilst grappling with the aftermath of our son Nate’s diagnosis of an extremely rare chromosomal abnormality. As shell-shocked parents trying to understand how best to support his needs and development, finding Ildi was quite simply a godsend.


When we started Nate was only about six months old, but with hypotonia or low muscle tone are key part of his condition, he was showing zero signs of being able to hit typical milestones of sitting or rolling. However Nate quickly grew to LOVE his time with Ildi, progressing from sitting, rolling, to WALKING!


This early support was instrumental to Nate’s development and as parents we couldn’t be more thankful or grateful to Ildi. Her passion, enthusiasm, talent and special set of skills, are second to none. And we firmly believe she set us on a positive path both in terms of supporting Nate but also managing the significant emotional challenge that comes with it.


PS I have to share that while Nate will never be typical, he has at 8 years of age just (successfully) tried skiing for the first time, attends a mainstream school (with teacher aide support), and can read!”

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